The Minister of Basic And Senior Secondary Education has proposed new curricula for Senior Secondary School education in the country.

The Minister, Mr. David Moinina Sengeh, published the proposal on Friday 17th December, 2021.

The Proposal indicates that instead of three streams (Art, Science & Commercial) as it is now, SSS will have five streams which include Sciences and Technologies Stream, Languages and Literatures Stream, Social and Cultural Studies Stream, Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship Stream and Mathematics and Numeracy Stream.

Each Stream has three categories of subjects. The categories are Core Subjects, Applied Subjects and Every Day Subjects.

According to the proposal, there are over seventy subjects in the proposed Curricula. Of the over 70 subjects, students in Senior Secondary School will first choose a Stream and nine Subjects in total, three in each category (3 as Core Subjects, 3 as Applied Subjects & 3 as Everyday Subjects).

According to proposal document, the new curriculum is tailored well, focusing on skill acquisition, innovation, business and modern market needs.

The new curricula will focus on understanding and creativity. It also attempts to remove passing WASSCE and getting University requirements as the primary purpose of Senior Secondary School Education.

The proposed curricula for Senior Secondary School Education have received applause from Sierra Leoneans across various sectors describing it as a stepping towards the transformation of educattion in the country.