The Ministry of employment, labour and social security has in a press release published on the 19th March, 2024 urged all businesses, companies, industries, cooperation and informal institutions to effect the work permit payment of their foreign workers and expatriate staff.

They called out on those that are employing or proposing to employ foreign workers/expatriate staff, that THE WORK PERMIT (FEES) REGULATIONS 2024, THE WORK PERMIT ACT 2023 (ACT NO. 11 OF 2023, STATUTORY INSTRUMENT NO.1 OF 2024), which was laid in the Sierra Leone Parliament on 13th February, 2024, has matured into Law.

The Ministry advised them to comply with the said Regulations with respect to the payment of Work Permit Fees for their foreign workers/expatriate staff, going forward.

In giving the legal process of payment, they maintained that, all applications for Work Permit and renewal of same should be sent to the office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security.