The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has concluded the Popularization of the National Plastic Waste Management Policy at the Port Loko District Council Hall.

The Director of Environmental Quality Control and Management, Edwin Biamba maintained that, the policy is very important as it sets out good proposals which may in turn create a platform to help identify key informal and formal actors and empower them to do more on environmental sustainability from manufacturers to the recyclers to the end users.

He furthered that, the plastic waste are dangerous to the society as it has become one of the most popular resources in modern world due to its low cost, durability, lightness and easy production.

Alie Jalloh, the National Consultant of the policy, explained the five key goals of the policy, which he maintained that are very instrumental in the popularization drive of the policy.

They revealed that, local councils are very instrumental to initiate a waste management plan while taken into cognizance stakeholders leadership platform who could serve as ambassadors to identify and discus pertinent issues that relate to plastic.