Sierra Leone’s Minister of Lands and Country Planning, Dr. Turad Senesie has announced groundbreaking initiatives for revenue mobilization, Anti- Fraud measures, and land distribution.

He revealed updates on initiatives that are geared towards transforming the real estate landscape in the country as well as giving an insights into significant progress made in enhancing revenue generation within the Ministry, implementing stringent anti-fraud protocols, and promoting fair land distribution to foster equity and inclusivity among citizens in the country.

He further delved on the critical role of revenue mobilization in sustaining the operations of the Ministry, maintaining that strategic reforms and innovative practices are key drivers of success in the implementation process.

The minister revealed a remarkable upsurge in revenue generation within the Ministry as there is an impressive increase from Nle600,000 Leones to over Nle34 million, reflecting the efficacy of transformative measures implemented to optimize financial sustainability and resource utilization.

The surge in revenue underscores the Ministry’s commitment to fiscal prudence, operational efficiency, and transparent financial management practices.

He stated that the importance of implementing robust anti-fraud measures to protect the integrity of land transactions and safeguard the interests of stakeholders is key and had to be protected.

They maintained that the ministry has collaborated with the Administrator and Registrar General, Saptieu Elizabeth Saccoh in installing a very strict verification process that seeks to combat all forms of fraudulent practices in ensuring that there is a transparent operation in land documentation in the country.

MD. Saccoh emphasized on the collaborative efforts between her office and the Ministry in the enforcement of meticulous verification protocols, particularly emphasizing the cross-verification of LS numbers to maintain accuracy and consistency in land records.

These proactive measures signal a resolute stance against fake documentation and illicit activities, ensuring trust and reliability in land transactions while bolstering the integrity of the real estate sector.

Speaking on Land Distribution and Housing, Minister Senesie reiterated the government’s commitment to promoting equitable access to land resources and homeownership opportunities for all citizens. Reflecting on the significance of fair land distribution, the minister outlined plans to allocate land to civil servants and vulnerable groups through a transparent raffle draw system, aligning with President Bio’s vision of universal land ownership.

As part of their achievement, the Minister announced the allocation of 4,182 town lots to ordinary Sierra Leoneans over a three-year period, underscoring the tangible progress made towards increasing land accessibility and empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds.