The Committee on Land Conflict and Resolutions of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning informs the public that it has submitted its Report to the President, which will later be tabled in cabinet.

The Ministry informs the general public that the Moratorium on the lease or sale of State Lands and Freehold has been lifted with immediate effect.

The Ministry of Lands states that it will resume processing of backlog documents on Land Administration and Management on the following dates:

1. Freehold – 25th October, 2021
2. Conveyance – 1st November, 2021
3. Survey Plans – 9th November, 2021

The Ministry states that all new applicants for State Lands will be considered when all backlogs are cleared.

The Ministry also informs the general public that another model for the sale of State Lands has been approved by Cabinet, and it will be made public soon.