The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED) took a significant step forward in advancing Sierra Leone’s “Blue Economy” strategy on May 15th, 2024, by hosting the inaugural Blue Economy Technical Committee Meeting.

This meeting marks a crucial step in implementing the government’s Blue Economy Strategic Framework (BESF) and its National Action Plan (NAP). The BESF and NAP were developed through a collaborative effort involving various government ministries, departments, and agencies. MoPED officials expressed their appreciation for the valuable contributions of these institutions.

Peter Sam-Kpakra, the Development Secretary at MoPED, outlined the program’s background, emphasizing Sierra Leone’s commitment to a holistic and sustainable approach to managing its oceanic and aquatic resources.

The newly formed committee will play a key role in ensuring coherence and avoiding duplication of efforts as various initiatives within the Blue Economy program are implemented.

Joseph M. Samah, Assistant Director at MoPED, elaborated on the BESF’s six thematic areas that will guide policy actions and investments. These areas include:

  • Promoting Food Security and Economic Diversification
  • Strengthening Marine Transportation, Ports, and Shipping
  • Ensuring a Healthy, Productive, and Sustainable Aquatic Environment
  • Advancing Surveillance, Security, and Enforcement
  • Exploring Blue Energy, Mineral Resources, and Innovative Financing
  • Supporting Blue Governance, Science, Technology, and Research

Mr. Samah highlighted that these thematic areas have been translated into concrete policy actions and interventions within the National Action Plan (NAP). The NAP is aligned with both Sierra Leone’s Medium-Term National Development Plan (2024-2030) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The meeting included a productive discussion session where committee members, representing diverse sectors, explored how the Blue Economy plan can be best focused on driving national development. The Terms of Reference for the Technical Committee were reviewed, and the Annual Work Plan for the Secretariat was adopted.

The outcomes of these discussions will be presented to the Ministerial Steering Committee, ensuring effective coordination and implementation of the Blue Economy initiatives moving forward.