The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED) has taken decisive action by suspending the operations of several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) found to be non-compliant with established operational requirements in Sierra Leone.

In a press release issued today, MoPED announced that a comprehensive review of the operational landscape revealed certain NGOs operating without meeting the requisite standards outlined by the NGO policy framework. Notably, these NGOs lacked an identifiable office in Sierra Leone, a key requirement for compliance.

As custodians of public trust and resources, MoPED emphasized the importance of NGOs adhering to prescribed standards to effectively fulfill their missions while ensuring judicious use of resources. Consequently, MoPED has directed the following NGOs to cease operations with immediate effect:

•Action for Integrated Development

•Advocacy Initiative for Development Sierra Leone

•Alpha Foundation S/L

•Association for the Well Being of RuralCommunities and Rural Development

•Centre for Gender, Governance and Development

•Club Health Actors Sierra Leone

•Consortium for the Advancement of Rights for the Key Affected Population

•Development Initiative Program

•Diamond Child School of Art and Culture

•Essentials for the Needy

•Fruitful Health Care Sierra Leone

•Global Associates for Children in Conflicts

•Health Care for the Aged

•Home Food General Services Organisation S/L

•Institute Mozdahir International

•Jamil and Nyanda Jaward Foundation

•Kabia Foundation

•Lanyi Foundation

•Life for African Mothers

•Muyewoh Development

•Ndegboma Development Organisation

•Planning Green Future

•Poor and Needy Foundation

•Sudu Salone

•The Salon Foundation

MoPED clarified that this action is not intended to impede the valuable contributions made by NGOs in various spheres of societal development. Instead, it is a proactive step towards enhancing the integrity of the NGO sector, fostering greater public confidence and trust.