As part of the activities for the Culture and Heritage month of May, in the on-going Tourism for All Campaign, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs have held the maiden edition of the “Culture and Heritage Open Air Carnival”.

The event was filled with thrilling displays and performances of Sierra Leonean arts and culture and also attracted personalities from government, private sector, development partners and diplomatic community, a demonstration of the significance in propelling the country’s culture and heritage to new heights.

The idea of the Open Air Carnival was conceived by Minister Nabeela Tunis and the Directorace of Culture, Creativity and Innovation of the Ministry during the commemoration of Bob Marley Night by Sierra Leone Reggae Union. The Open Air Carnival achieved it aim by promoting and showcasing Sierra Leonean culture, and local businesses, national cohesion and spreading of the Tourism for all Campaign messages.

Exhibition of typical Sierra Leonean attires, and aesthetic were done by vendors including NTB and MRC. Typical Sierra Leonean cuisine such as “Fry fish, oleleh, yebbeh, huntu, rice akara and beans, ground soup with mina including fruits like malombo, sugar cane” were all exhibited demonstrating the priority placed on local contents.

High profile Sierra Leonean entertainers, including Steady Bongo, Amie Kallon, Kao Denero, Star Zero, Artical Foryoh, Alieu Melody, Kiddo Armani, Faculty, Richie Obama, Speedo, Tima Hyder put out thrilling performances, while displays from cultural groups, acrobats, and other comic talents amazed the jubilant audience. Popular Sierra Leonean singer, Base Aphonyx was appreciated for the provision of the musical set.

The Culture and Heritage Open Air Carnival organized by the Ministry was an initative to showcase Sierra Leone’s diverse cultural heritage, as well as setting the pace for the appreciation of its unique cultural endowments by it people.