Responding to recent social media rumors regarding a significant rise in passenger taxes of about One Hundred and Sixty-Five Dollars (USD $165) for those departing Sierra Leone effective 1st December 2023, the Ministry of Transport and Aviation has issued a resolute statement refuting these claims.

The Ministry of Transportation and Aviation has officially announced and assures the public that there will be no tax hike for passengers traveling to or from Sierra Leone, dispelling any concerns arising from the misleading information.

Furthermore, the Ministry clarified that there are no plans by the Summa Group of Companies SL Ltd., in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, to modify passenger tax rates. The government, in collaboration with Summa Group, is firmly committed to maintaining affordable airfare options for travelers in Sierra Leone.

This clarification aims to provide reassurance to the public and travelers, assuring them that the financial aspect of air travel will remain unchanged, and accessible transportation options will continue to be available. The Ministry strongly encourages citizens to rely on reliable sources for accurate information and to be cautious when encountering false information on social media platforms.

The government, in conjunction with the Summa Group of Companies SL Ltd., remains dedicated to offering accessible and cost-effective air travel to all residents and visitors in Sierra Leone, ensuring that travel remains a viable choice for everyone.