In a public notice released on December 12, 2023, the Ministry of Works and Public Assets addressed concerns about illegal activities, including surveying, fencing, and construction, taking place on lands surrounding government quarters in Freetown. The ministry emphasized that the management and control of government quarters and the associated land fall under its sole responsibility.

The notice explicitly stated that, moving forward, only authorized personnel, specifically the Ministry’s engineers and surveyors with verified ID cards, would be allowed to work on government quarters and the corresponding land. This directive aims to curb unauthorized activities and ensure proper oversight by qualified individuals.

The Ministry expressed concern over the reliability of the information received about these unauthorized activities and sought to inform the general public about its jurisdiction in managing government quarters. The announcement serves as a clear warning to individuals or entities engaging in illegal actions on these lands, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the Ministry’s guidelines.

This move by the Ministry of Works and Public Assets underscores the commitment to safeguarding government properties and maintaining order in the use and development of lands around government quarters. It also signifies the importance of accountability and professionalism in any activities conducted within these areas. The public notice serves as a formal declaration of the Ministry’s stance on unauthorized activities, reinforcing its role as the primary authority responsible for the proper management and control of government quarters and associated lands in Freetown.