Contrary to reports that one of the bidders to the contract for the supply of rice and flour to inmates and officers of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service (SLCS), Yetaya General Supplies, it has been established that the aforementioned company did actually agree to supply rice to the SLCS at the cost of Le365,000 per bag while Misheal Construction and Services Ltd. actually breached the contract awarded it by the SLCS when it failed to supply rice to the SLCS for about three months which could have led to insecurity and a possible jail break or worse.

It has been established by this press that while the management of NPPA refused to allow either of the companies to supply rice at the cost of Le415,000 per bag, The head of NPPA, Ibrahim Brima Swaray on 23rd November, 2021 did ask the leadership of the SLCS to re-negotiate with Misheal Kay Constructions and Services Ltd. but the latter despite being a Sierra Leonean-owned company, refused to supply at Le365,000 but insisted on Le415,000, while Yetaya General Supplies (owned by a Lebanese) agreed to supply the rice to the SLCS at the cost of Le365,000 per bag.

It was precisely because Misheal Kay failed to supply the rice as had been agreed is the reason why the NPPA and the SLCS had reason to withdraw the contract from Misheal Kay and grant it to Yetaya General Supplies which showed interest in its genuineness to supply rice at the pre-arranged price of Le365,000.

It should be recalled that a SLCS letter dated 23rd November, 2021 written to Misheal Kay Construction & Supplies Ltd., did state that, this is “Concomitant with a similar letter you (Misheal Kay Construction & Supplies Ltd.) are in receipt of for the non-supply or rice to officers of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service dated 17th November, 2021 for six months.” The letter reminded Misheal Kay Construction & Supplies Ltd. that: “you received payment of Le656,980,000 (six hundred, fifty-six million, nine hundred and eighty thousand Leones) in respect of officers’ rice which you never delivered.”

Owl Press reported that, against this background, it is clear to see that Misheal Kay is not patriotic and considers making profit at the detriment of state security more important; while on the other hand, the contractor of foreign descent waived his price to his own detriment because he considers supporting the government take care of inmates and officers as more important.

It is therefore very unfair and hypocritical on the part of Misheal Kay and others of his ilk going around misinforming the general public that the government took away contract from a Sierra Leonean-owned company only to give to a foreign-owned company, as very unfair and untrue when he knows very well that because it was him that reneged on the contract and then discontinued the contract when the NPPA which wants to ensure that it saves the government from wasting funds and the SLCS which also refused to bow to his ‘price adjustment’ demands. So, between the NPPA, SLCS and Misheal Kay who is honest, transparent and patriotic?