Juliana Doye Conteh, winner and Miss Housemates Salone 2022 has today reacted to the trending videos and photos of Musa Tombo cycling the blue app.

The Leone Stars player was spotted yesterday half naked on allegations of depression as a result of controversies with his wife Hawa. Few days ago, Musa Tombo on a video called Sierra Leoneans to pleaded to his wife on his behalf. The player was also noted by many who had contact with him that he was posting Hawa’s photos on his WhatsApp status as he pleaded but Hawa was somehow not in the right frame of mind to respond.

Few hours after that, news reached us that he has stabbed himself because of depression. The celebrity was then taken to the Bo Government hospital for medical attention and was later visited by his wife. After reaching the family, we meant to know that he was doing fine and requested to be discharged from the hospital the same day.

Yesterday, the Leone Stars striker was spotted on the street running half naked with just his pants. This action of Musa got the media perplexed if he is really ok or has gone mad.

The family seeing misconceptions and uninformative news cycling the web issued a disclaimer on allegations of Musa being mad and warning notice desisting people from sharing the photos and videos henceforth.

With this issue still trending online, winner of Housemate Salone, Julie Tombo took to her official Facebook page and sent words of encouragement to the Tombo family on behalf of her fans.

Julie further explained the potentials Musa possessed and affirmed that she believed Musa to over all his challenges in life. Julie Tombo few months ago contested for the Housemate Salone show using Musa Tombo as a target person to boost her fan base and sell herself to the world. Her game worked as she gain attention using Musa Tombo’s name. Musa Tombo became a limelight for Julie. She has been grateful since then.

She added that, Musa may not have seen his strength and potentials he possessed but she believes if he uses his strength and keep his head up high he can overcome everything.

As grateful as she has been, Julie Tombo continued that her doors are always opened everytime the family needs her help. She added that there is nothing God cannot do and she is certain Musa will pass this test of time.

On her Facebook page she said:

On behalf of Julie and the Tombolistics Family. We’ll like to extend our support to Musa Tombo, Hawa and his entire family during this difficult time. Musa i pray that God will continue to give you all strength and the Grace needed during this difficult time. The strength I saw in you a while ago gave me the strength and allowed the opportunity to be Julie Tombo today. You may not see that but I want you to use that strength and Keep your head up and overcome this battle. This too shall pass. There is nothing God can not do. We are here if needed. It shall be well with you.      

God’s blessing. 🙏🏼”