Police Constable Samuel Nabieu Bangura attached to the Magburaka Police Station on Tuesday 4th October 2022 disclosed that Honourable Mohamed Bangura threatened to kill his boss AIG Gabriel Tommy.

Constable Nabieu made this disclosure while he was testifying against Hon. Mohamed Bangura and Yabom Sesay who are before Magistrate Mark Ngegba at the Pademba Road Court No.1 in Freetown on Various counts of riotious conduct, threatening language, public insult, and assault on police, among other charges.

According to the Police, the accused persons, on the 11th June June 2022 at Mathora Village, Kholifa Rowala Chiefdom in the Tonkolili District assaulted Assistant Inspector General
of Police (AIG) Gabriel G.M.T Tommy whilst executing his lawful duties.

Police further alleged that at the same place and date the accused persons did use insulting words to the annoyance of Gabriel Tommy in order to provoke him to commit a breach of the peace. Police also mentioned that the accused persons did wrongfully and without legal authority intimidated Gabriel Tommy by threatening to hit him with his vehicle.

The accused persons are also to have behaved in a riotous manner and obstructed AIG Tommy whilst executing his lawful duties. On their first appearance, the
accused persons pleaded not guilty as charged. Led in evidence by State Counsel Y.I Sesay, the witness police constable Samuel Nabieu Bangura identified maroon coloured vehicle that parked at the Criminal Investigation Department. The vehicle was tendered as exhibit H. It was registered with CR number128/2022.

Explaining further, the witness, Bangura recalled that on the 26th June reply from a cyber crime officer Mohamed Jusu was handed over to them.

The witness added that on the 26th and 29th August 2022, he finally charged both accused persons. He also produced and tendered the above mentioned charge statements of the accused persons. In cross examination by defense counsel Lansana Dumbuya, the witness disclosed that the accused told him it was in the process of dialoguing with AIG Tommy that they passed through the check point. He mentioned that apart from Gabriel Tommy, the first accused told them that they called the ONS boss informing him that they had a meeting with the All People’s Congress Political Party.

The witness also confirmed that the date of the alleged incident was the day the APC was supposed to do their rally. The witness further explained that at the time the incident happened Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh was at Sambia Bendugu, adding that was why they barricaded the roads leading to Sambia Bendugu.

The witness agreed in cross-examination that there was a calendar slated by NEC for the APC to do their rallies.

He continued that the checkpoint was opened by a police officer whose name was not mentioned.

The police witness added that the first accused threatened to kill him.

The witness further confirmed that on the date of the rally there was no confusion, adding that the vice president even came down from his convoy and spoke to them.
“My boss Gabriel Tommy was hit on his stomach.” the witness revealed.

The matter has been adjourned to the 11th of October 2022.