Mohamed Harass Barrie has openly apologized to all Sierra Leoneans for insulting LAJ’s late mother.

Harass Barrie registered his sincere apology for his actions on the 12th December 2021, stating that there is no excuse for such behavior, as it was completely uncharacteristic of him.

Harass stated that the past few weeks have been rather difficult for him, adding that he takes full responsibility for his act and therefore apologizes for it.

โ€œTo err is human and to forgive is divine, and on this note, I ask the people of S/L more especially the women and girls for their forgiveness as my actions were borne out of anger as I’m so passionate about the protection and well-being of women and girls of Sierra Leone”, he said.

Harass Barrie mentioned that he has reached out to LAJ through Jimmy B and everything has been resolved amicably.

Harass Barrie stated that he is committed to being a better version of himelf and will continue to promote the affairs of girls and youths across the country.

It can be recalled that Harass Barrie reigned motherly invectives on LAJ’s late mother some weeks ago in retaliation for Asmaa James, his self-claimed mother who LAJ had earlier publicly insulted.