Sierra Leonean Footballer Mohamed Buya Turay has on social media reacted to an allege unclad Video of his wife on Social media.

The wife of Sierra Leonean soccer player Mohamed Buya Turay is making headlines after an alleged unclad video of her has been seen making waves on social media.

Social Media was set ablaze on Monday 30 September after several unclad videos of what is referred to as scarlet Babies went Viral where several leaked unclad videos were shared on WhatsApp.

It was alleged during the sharing that the wife of popular footballer Known as Buya Turay was among the videos that went viral

Reacting to this alleged Video the popular footballer has on social media reacted to this by saying he will be going live today, to address the ones accusing his wife of something she didn’t do or a crime she didn’t commit….

“I pray inshaAllah whoever did that to her, may ALLAH fight her battle with destruction in their lives,” he said

He went on to add that those posting videos about her, forwarding their picture,s or defaming them should get ready, cause it’s Cybercrime!