The Minister of Information and Communications Mohamed Rahman Swaray on Saturday 29th October 2022 said in Kenema that, “telling your own story is important because with a story one can distort everything”.

He made this statement when speaking on the topic “How To Tell The Transport Story” at the
The 2022 annual retreat of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation held at the Kenema City Council

Addressing staff of the Ministry of Transport, Minister Swaray said “telling your own story is
important. Sometimes the person telling the story is even more important than the story itself,” adding that, “with a story, you can be able to distort everything.”
He challenged members of the Ministry of Transport that if they are willing, with all going on in their ministry for the past four years, they can tell many good stories.

He pointed out that, “stories help humanize you. It helps people to know you better” He, therefore, appealed to the professional and technical team to abridge statutory documents to enable other people to comprehend certain policies and laws better.

He encouraged the Minister and team to take advantage of the new media to disseminate
their stories because of the use of new media (facebook) among Sierra Leoneans
increases every day.
He emphasized that, as a Ministry, they should not only learn to outsource information
dissemination to the Ministry of Information alone but every member of the Ministry of
Transport and its agencies should be actively involved.

Minister Swaray stressed that a lot of things are happening in the Ministry of Transport ranging from the domestication of international laws for the airport, and marine time, to name but a few. He commended the Minister of Transport and Aviation Kabineh Kallon for his efforts in the
the transport sector and for pulling off what he described as an interactive and successful annual retreat.