The Minister of Basic Senior Secondary Education, David Moinina Sengeh is today set to officially announced the release of 2021/2022 public WASSCE exam.

The Minister took to his official Facebook handle and disclosed that the announcement of the results will be hosted live SLBC TV and Radio at 12:00 pm today, Monday 26th September 2022.

On one of the Minister’s post, David Moinina Sengeh gave a snappy summary of the overall best candidate of the exam. According to the Minister, the best two students of the 2021/2022 WASSCE exam are from Kenema.

Mr. Sengeh continued that, the best student earned 6As, 1B and 1C and the tied for second, the other has 5As and 4Bs. This according to the Minister is the best performance Sierra Leone has ever gotten in the history of WASSCE exam as the country has 99.7% brilliant performance from students. The remaining 0.3% results were withheld.