Afrobeat Superstar Morris D Wonderboy on social media has bashed his former Finacée on conditions of not being sweet on bed.

When Love most times starts, it feels and seems it will never end. Or should I say when fake love starts? This is because when the heart truly loves, it forgets your odds in life and focuses on the good side of you and continues to love even after death.

When the Love story of Morris D Wonderboy and Queennak started years back, it was like a lost love finally found. If I was told that moment that it will end this way, my response would have been ‘no, this is till death do they part’. On the birthday date of Morris D Wonderboy, 7th November 2018, fans were surprised with one of the most sensational love song titled ‘Never seen official video on YouTube. This was made for fans and everyone to celebrate Morris on his birthday and Queennak.

Following their Titanic love saga that ended in both couples hating each other and neither each wanting to see or hear good of the other, prominent Afrobeat superstar, Morris D Wonderboy has on a Facebook comment blasted heavily on his former Fiancee Queennak claiming that he left her because she is not sweet.

These insults came from a comment that Morris responded which the sender claimed the words were from Queennak. “But Queennak responds that you didn’t last long on bed’ (sentence paraphrase) the sender commented on Morris’ post. D Wonderboy seeing this took to the extreme to blast at Queennak claiming it was because she was not sweet on bed that prompted to his short nature on bed.