One of Sierra Leone’s most prolific sensational singer, Morris D Wonderboy has today clears the air as to the reason that prompted DJ Neptune into playing Salone music at Decode Nightclub.

Few days ago when Nigeria’s most prolific DJ among DJs, DJ Neptune murdered Decode nightclub at Aberdeen, this has caused Sierra Leoneans with mix feelings as whether to blame Salone DJs for their resistance to playing Salone songs or to commend DJ Neptune for a job well done.

The Nigerian DJ was invited to Decode Nightclub in Freetown, where he stole the hearts of fans in the club and Vybing 90% Salone sounds, something many believe, has never happened before.

From his composure and mixing skills, DJ Neptune kept Decode Nightclub for over three hours with nonstop Salone Vybes. As hard Work always pays, this was taken by Sierra Leoneans that witnessed the mixing to their social media handles commending the superstar.

These comments have caused anger and mix feelings among DJs and musicians. DJs and some music loving fans are claiming that despite commending DJ Neptune, they are also crying down home base DJs.

Morris stated that, DJ Neptune had to killed the vybes with Salone songs because he has noticed that Sierra Leonean DJs are not playing much of their local contents but focused on popular songs like Buga, etc. He also added that, by the time DJ Neptune took over the Nightclub, most of the popular foreign songs have been played at least thrice, this was seen by DJ Neptune to be a mare time wasted if he did play them again. This Morris claimed, had to make the foreign DJ murder Decode with Salone tunes.

According to Morris D Wonderboy, he claimed that the factor that brought the conflict between musicians and DJs in Sierra Leone is money. This he affirmed that, DJs want musicians to pay them for playing their songs and musicians who are yet to be on standards are looking at the DJs to play their songs for the love of the country.