In an entertainment industry where each celebrity looks at the other beyond being a rival is prone to unresolved palavers. Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry as an instance is not exceptional. Over the years, we had seen where celebrities extended olive branch to their rivals in beef but within a short period of time, the beef continued again.

One of the long serving beefs in Sierra Leone’s music industry is with Afrobeat superstar Morris D Wonderboy and Fynface. Both celebrities have on countless occasions blasted each other on Facebook, each claiming to be better than the other.

Morris D Wonderboy is not only known to have beef with Fynface but also the president of Eastern Artist Union, Artical Foyoh. The were on this until Artical Foyoh extended an olive branch to Morris after seeing a picture of Morris giving his support to him years ago.

“As I was scrolling through my phone this morning, I saw a picture of Morris D Wonder Boy on stage supporting me during my last event at the Atouga mini Stadium’‘.  Artical Foyoh posted sometimes ago.

Because of this among other reasons, both became peaceful again. This only took sometime until they had another clash.

The fight between Morris D Wonderboy and Fynface boils down to both celebrities pulling down the other in the industry. Morris considered Fynface’s music as inferior to his, while the other thinks the same.

On a recent post of Morris on his new ‘CHEAT’ track featuring K-Man and Empress Pee, he mentioned that what Fynface allegedly sent to him was not up to standard.

“Fynface d verse way you send to me

Ar nor lek am

Why na so so gigibonta you put ?ar mean na lovetta cheat on you 😂😂”

Morris’ post triggered Fynface to fire back at him saying he has done everything in the entertainment industry than Morris. This he mentioned range from their net worth, International tours and recognition, to who has a real call to Music.

Wuna lef Morris D Wonderboy AKA (fork na wase )na useless Bobor , ar fine pass am , ar get money pass am, ar don bat fine baby dem pass am , ar don eat music money pass am , ar get talent pass am , ar don travel pass am , ar get face recognition pass am all over Salone , e only get small luck for get 2 3 played songs … but na bobor man for me ; ar able sponsor e entire music career sef . Me na lek sweet in the middle ein na gbangban… lonta …”

For peace to reign in the industry, instead of each celebrity bringing the other down, instead let each other be, and allow the records or achievements to speak for themselves, or better still allow the fans or supporters choose who the best it.

We pray that this Blueapp ‘Vawulence’ as they called it come to an end.