Popular Sierra Leone Musician Morris D Wonder Boy has expressed his frustration  over Sierra Leone’s Justice System. The singer frowns at the recent press release issued by the Sierra Leone  Police declaring LAC wanted. The Singer believes that it was a deliberate ploy by the authorities to release a convicted murderer who is yet to spend one fourth of his sentence.

Like every new year, the president of Sierra Leone pardons prisoners through his prerogative power of mercy of inmates at the country’s Correctional Centres across the nation. This year, there were about 160; among them , 117 had their sentences committed from death penalty to life imprisonment whilst 43 walked free out of prison.

Baimba Moi Foray popularly known as La Chocolate a popular herbalist who was convicted for the murder of popular disc jokey player Sydney Buckle better known as DJ Cleff was among those that walked free from prison through the prerogative mercy of President Julius Maada Bio.

DJ Clef’s murder sparked publicity and nation wide outcry in the country with the entertainment industry calling for justice in a more than 10 minutes video song featuring the country’s finest artist and song writers who called for justice for the deceased Dj Cleff.

In 2016, LAC was charged to court in connection of the death of DJ Cleff and was later convicted and found guilty and was thus Sentenced to death by hanging.

With just 6 years into him been at the prison walls came the news on new year’s day of his pardoning by the president of the country. LAC received his best ever new year’s gift from no less a person but President Julius Maada Bio and others as part of the constitutional right of the president as prerogative power of mercy which he possessed.

Since the news broke out of his release from prisons there has been outcry, condemnation and huge reactions on LAC’s release from prison a convicted murderer. With some rights activists advising and recommending that the Presidential pardon committee need to do more in vetting those to be granted a Presidential pardon .

Upon hearing about the news, Morris has engaged in huge condemnation on social media. Inevitably, It’s should be owing to the fact that the 2016 DJ cleff murder case had long gained serious publicity thus garnering attention from every citizen in the country.