Anthony Sam, who has been working hard on an absurd slander campaign against a sitting MP has been branded a “blinking liar and rabble-rouser” by his estranged wife, Mrs. Adama Sam, Nee Conteh with whom he has a 4-year-old child.

According to Global Times, Mrs. Adama Samu categorically stated that allegations of child abduction against Hon. Hawa Rosaline Siaffa by her estranged spouse “are patently false, misleading and preposterous”. She described Hon. Hawa Rosaline Siaffa as a mother that never was and one of her greatest benefactors.

Mrs. Adama Samu (Nee Conteh) furthered that, at no time did Hon. Hawa Siaffa of Constituency 005 in Kailahun district attempt to convince her to hand over her only child to her.

All that I know is that Hon. Hawa Siaffa took great care of us (myself and my daughter) during our hour of need, She treated us like a mother, She is a kind-hearted woman, All I can say is that Hon. Hawa Siaffa has nothing to do with decisions I take about my daughter’s schooling and care, Anthony drove us (myself and my daughter) out of his house for reasons best known to himself”

Mrs. Adama Samu said She called on members of the public to ignore the vacuous ranting of her estranged spouse.

Hon. Hawa Siaffa hinted that she is taking legal advice from her lawyers. She refused to comment further.

Meanwhile, Anthony Samu has been invited for questioning at the CID Headquarters in Freetown.