It was a rancorous and chaotic chamber of Parliament last week as honorable Members of Parliament from the opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) and the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) locked horns while debating the president’s speech.

Hon. Umpha Koroma from Constituency 104, condemned the use of pepper spray into his eyes which led to him losing his sight for more than 3 hours, adding that he was handcuffed and locked up for several hours in police cell during the by-election in Koya Chiefdom.

However, Hon. Kanneh of the SLPP refuted the claims made by Hon. Kargbo, maintaining that, the APC MP was arrested for elections malpractices, adding that while he was in detention, he personally contacted the inspector General of Police, Michael Sovula to release him.

Parliament was so toxic that one of the ruling SLPP MPs attempted to slap an opposition member.

The Speaker of Parliament had to intervene and ordered the police to quell down and the situation. The speaker in his wisdom adjourn the debate for twenty minutes so that he and the leadership of the two main parties would hang heads in order to settle the impasse.

As the drama continued, APC MPs outside the Chamber of Parliament vowed to exchange blows with their SLPP counterparts should they continue to provoke unwarranted scene in the well of Parliament.

This is not the first time Members of Parliament have engaged into serious palaver, particularly when debates of such nature are on.