You won’t know how much of a threat Adebayor is to our national security until you go around communities and just LISTEN to people. There has been an enormous power and communication vacuum between citizens and the government. The rising hardship and increased fear amongst citizens caused by several issues of human rights abuses from the government created the space for Adebayor to exploit and become a “trusted” voice for many, not just for the streets.

It will surprise many in the government that even citizens around areas considered SLPP strongholds make time to listen to Adebayor. It doesn’t mean they agree with him. But the fact that they listen to him and look forward to his messages, in some ways, shows that some of his words resonate with these people.

Government has all sorts of funny “communicators” from its “Strategic Communications unit” and other agencies. Instead of studying Adebayor’s communication strategy and distribution channel and intercepting or countering his messages, they spend most of their time throwing insults and “shades” at people on social media. Even our security agencies spend more time going after trivial things and less on Adebayor and the threat he poses.

Adebayor is bad for Salone. Instead of blaming and going after the opposition each time he wreaks havoc in the country, those in power need to understand the threat he poses, take him VERY seriously, and find ways to shut him down for good.

Even those who once called him a “King and Freedom fighter” now understand how much of a threat he is to everyone, not just those he despises.

And the biggest mistake the opposition will make is to think Adebayor’s threat is limited to the SLPP alone. It is not. If power changes today, Adebayor will continue what he already started because he believes his platform is the alternative voice for citizens where the government fails. Only a fool will think Adebayor is working on his behalf. If you study him well, you will know what an uncontrollable demon he is, who takes glory in what he does and how he only worships himself.