Following to the disarray of the scarlet babies as a result of nude videos that circulated on social media on the 27th August, 2022, prominent and multi-award winning Journalist, Amb Precious Amabel Lebby-Smith has on a TikTok video disclosed her views on the said matter.

The Scarlet Night club is a club located at Aberdeen which is known as one of the most expensive night clubs in Sierra Leone. Men who could afford the bill go there to entertain themselves in many ways. The price ranges from Le250 – Le350,000 as entrance fee per permission.

According to Amabel, there has been many calls about the reactions of feminist organizations and women organization groups to the said Scarlet Babies saga. To this Amabel said she is totally out of it. She disclosed that she is not ready and will not take any action for any of them.

Amabel continued that she has chosen not to side them to the reasons that they have their gang/cabal and they chose the life they live. She added that since despite having controversial issues in their friendship and think of a way resolve it peaceful, instead they chose to exposed themselves on social media, that is their choice they made.

Many people who are at some point sending blames to the government or parents were heavily blasted by Amb Precious Amabel Lebby-Smith. She said there are girls out there that are contempt with what they have and choose the right path but on the other hand, the said victims chose a different lifestyle.

“Anyone who is sending blames to the government or parents, shame on you…” Amabel mentioned. According to her, there are girls and women who have over the years engaged in charcoal selling, and other domestic products to keep the day going without putting themselves on such disgraceful situation like the scarlet babies.

Amb Precious Amabel Lebby-Smith is a journalist and media personality who owns an online Television she founded in 2020. This past Match, 2022 on International Women’s Day, Madam Precious Amabel bagged among the 12 impactful women in society.

The IWI only considers women outside government positions who are either pioneering a just cause or are sharing the little wealth they have to impact others. She has proven to be a worthy and a blessing to our society over the years for her sacrifices and contributions to Earth.