A hearing-impaired single mother grieves for her 17-year-old son, Abdul Salam Kamara, who tragically lost his life after consuming Kush butterscotch at a birthday party in the Rokupa Community, Eastern part of Freetown.

This unfortunate incident is just one of many alarming deaths that have occurred in the Rokupa community, according to residents.

The birthday celebration was organized by Armani and took place on Mabel Brown Street within the community.

Armani prepared a mixture of dangerous substances, including Kush, dried sensitive mimosa leaves, and butterscotch, for the occasion.

During the party, Abdul Salam Kamara and another boy named Pascal consumed the mixture and tragically lost their lives. Abdul Salam was the first to be affected by the substances, and sadly, only three out of the five affected individuals survived, as reported by Pa Ibrahim Sesay, who was present at the party.

Yusuf Kargbo, a Mortuary Assistant at Rokupa Government Hospital, noted that Abdul Salam had suffered a severe head injury. Shortly after being taken to the observation room, he was pronounced deceased. A nurse encountered Abdul Salam Kamara near the Bai Bureh Road main junction after the celebration, where he was on the verge of collapsing due to the effects of the Kush substance he had consumed.

Abdul Salam Kamara, an SSS one pupil at Raheem Islamic Secondary School in the Rokupa community, East of Freetown, was laid to rest by his family and friends.

His mother, a single parent who has four other children, including two boys and two girls, now mourns the loss of her son and cares for the remaining three children.

This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the dangers associated with substance abuse and underscores the critical importance of raising awareness about the risks of drug-related activities within communities.