NaCOVERC has in a press statement on the SLPP National Delegate Conference revealed their “SLPPiness”.

In the press statement from NaCOVERC titled “NaCOVERC Enjoins SLPP Conference”, NACOVERC described how Bo City was going GREEN on December 29 and 30 as the SLPP would be electing a national executive to manage the affairs of the Party to seek a new mandate in 2023.

NaCOVERC stated how the Conference was intended to take place amidst surge of COVID-19 cases. NaCOVERC did not mention any step it was taking to control the crowd which will witness the Conference.

NaCOVERC as a supposed independent government institution could not keep their support for the SLPP secret as it ought to be done.

In their words in the press statement, NaCOVERC stated that they and MoHS “wish the ruling party a successful conference as they remind party stalwarts and the entire membership of the rise of COVID-19 cases”.

The politics-dominated press statement has generated concerns among social media users as many describe NaCOVERC’s press statement as a blatant disregard for ethics and an open declaration of support for the SLPP ruling government.