Commissioner for National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), Amb.Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina has on the 5th April, 2024 Inspired Donor Partners for Additional Funding to Increase Social Protection Coverage in the country. 

This was done during the wrap-up meeting of the World Bank Implementation Support and Dissemination Mission (ISM), where he reiterated the expressed commitment of the Government of Sierra Leone to fully implement the Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Employment (PSSNYE) project.

He added that the said project remains strategic because of its multifaceted components and that the project speaks directly to the government’s big five game changers, adding that, President Bio is very deliberate about expanding the social protection coverage which has been expressed in so many policies including the National Social Protection Strategy.

“We are aware of our collective investment in this sector, but more funds are needed to further expand social protection coverage. As we witnessed the closure of this mission, let us commit ourselves to resource mobilization because our people, those we represent are waiting…’’ Commissioner Ndomahina noted.

The Deputy Commissioner of NaCSA, Sir Jimmy Batilo Songa officially launched the World Bank Implementation and Dissemination support mission earlier in March this year which is a follow-up on the October 2023 implementation mission and focuses on completing the design and field plan of the PSSNYE Impact Evaluation, reviewing and making progress on the draft retrospective assessment of the Social Protection sector in Sierra Leone, and taking stock of the PSSNYE implementation progress and preparing for the effectiveness of the activities supported by the PSSNYE Additional Financing.

It was reported that, following days of intensive deliberation and presentation of progress/status reports and challenges, the World Bank Support mission has rated the holistic project implementation progress as moderately satisfactory. However, many other aspects of the project including financial management, and procurement were rated satisfactory.

In his update to the Commissioner of NaCSA, the Deputy Commissioner of NaCSA affirmed the readiness and capacity of the technical team to implement the project within the defined project development objectives. *‘’I am happy to report to you that the World Bank has been very supportive and we have requested additional staff to ensure that projects are implemented with full details to compliance policy and the project implementation manual. We will keep track of progress and be rest assured that within the ‘’Ndomahinasation’’ rebranding framework is about service delivery.’’ Deputy Commissioner noted.

Government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) pertinent to the PSSNYE project’s implementation were brought together for the purpose. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has offered strategic assistance over the years, supervising the Grievance Redress Mechanisms and putting in place procedures for both the detection and punishment of corruption. Augustine Foday Ngobie, the ACC’s Deputy Commissioner, reaffirmed in his remarks the Commission’s dedication to providing the necessary know-how to carry out the PSSNYE project.

In their call-to-action statements, both the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security – Mohamed Rado Swarray and the Minister of Youth Affairs- Mohamed Orman Bangura have admonished all project implementing institutions and all Sierra Leoneans that these development projects either supported by the World Bank or other donors are owned by the people and government of Sierra Leone. ”Let’s ensure local ownership of these development projects” Hon. Mohamed Rado Swarray noted.

The technical Team Leads for the PSSNYE project Dr Abu Kargbo and Samik Adhikari call on the project implementation institutions to speed up with implementation but ensure firm adherence to agreed processes and procedures. They further noted the urgent need to host the Inter-Agency Forum on Social Protection.