On August 17th, 2023, Ambassador Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina, the Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), held discussions with Sierra Leone’s Vice President, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh. The focus of their engagement was on institutional plans and efforts to bolster President Bio’s five major game changers.

The commissioner maintained that, they decided to engage the vice president as a team to inform him on a variety of topics, including the rebranding plan, as well as to express their gratitude for the government’s support to the commission as a strategic partner, adding that, the plan has repositioned the Commission in a way that will improve effective and efficient service delivery by utilizing an inclusive people-centric and employees’ motivating approach.

“ My role as a Commissioner is to collaborate with partners to REBRAND and realign our mandates with the government’s BIG FIVE GAME CHANGERS to accelerate economic growth and building resilience. NaCSA is a hybrid organization, I am here to clean off all bottlenecks or potentials that might delay implementation and to promote His Excellency Retired Brigadier Dr. Julius Maada Bio’s agenda of Prompt Action On Poverty Alleviation” he stated.

He said to enhance a great result, he has held strategic meetings with key strategic partners including the World Bank Country team, Islamic Development Bank, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, the Ministry of Planning and Economicf Development. He said the commission is at an advance stage to meet with the German and Chinese Ambassadors as well as the African Development Bank country team as they are some of the biggest donors.

He maintained that, as they are moving beyond the traditional donors and seeking to establish strong partnerships with international organisations and foreign governments to access technical expertise, financial resources, knowledge sharing and best practices while promoting mutual growth, they need the total support of the vice president and the government y extension.

Speaking on their institutional plans going forward, he said, they will continue to build on the foundations they have have established as they seek to expand initiative that promote staff wellbeing, strengthening commitment to transparency by regularly communicating updates, progress and institutional changes to staff.