The National Commission for Social Action-NaCSA has on the 13th February , 2024 ended the second session of the Sierra Leone Community Driven Development (SLCDD) project phase three Design at Taiama, Moyamba District.

In her statement , the Senior Director of Programmes Development and Quality Assurance (SD-PDQA), Dr. Susan Robert on behalf of the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of NaCSA commended the efforts of various committees for their contributions in the first session which was very successful.

She further encouraged members to put more efforts in the second session to ensure the finalization of the project Design Document which may of a positive impact in enhancing community development.

She thanked the various committees for their input in the first session, maintaining that such efforts could not be emphasized, as in many instances, they are executed by paid consultants or experts for the positive impact they are worth to get.

The Senior Director – PDQA further appealed to members to give their all in ensuring the finalization of the Project Document. “I therefore called on you all to work hard so as to ensure that by the end of this session, we could have done justice to the process and in extension to the commission,” Dr. Robert pleaded.

Speaking on behalf of the Committees, the NaCSA Director of Fields Operations, Maada Ngombu reinforced the Senior Director’s appeal for total commitment to enhance quality deliverables of tasks assigned to all. He acknowledged the collective efforts exhibited by members during the first session and pledged the same.

The Programme Manager of the SLCDD II Project, Momoh Juanah expressed his delight over the turnout and the invaluable contributions of the various committee members. Manager Juanah drew the attention of members to latest development in the Portfolio. Among these, he disclosed is the eminent launch of the long awaited Islamic Macro Finance component.

The revealed that, the SLCDD III Project is expected to build on its predecessor phases (SLCDD I & II) scaling up their successes and interventions by promoting community driven development interventions within the proposed districts using the same rural growth pole model approach.

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the Government of Sierra Leone will co-finance the project.

NaCSA is a semi-autonomous government agency which augments the work of the social sector and ministries to help in assisting the people and communities benefit from projected plans and implementations by the central government.