To boost community resilience against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and foster a safer environment, the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) concluded a two-day workshop themed “The Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Employment Project.”

The workshop was held at the Ndeleh Hall Growth Center in Pujehun town and drew participation from key stakeholders including paramount chiefs, social welfare representatives, Pujehun district council members, youth leaders, people living with disabilities, women’s groups, religious leaders, the press, and more.

Nixon Collier, the district coordinator for NaCSA in Pujehun district, emphasized the workshop’s objective of capacitating participants to effectively address grievances, particularly about NaCSA’s programs and activities. Collier highlighted the need for a dedicated grievance redress mechanism to combat corruption and ensure transparency in NaCSA’s operations.

Central to the discussions was the establishment of a centralized channel for reporting grievances, which NaCSA is actively pursuing. Collier underscored the importance of reaching individuals affected by NaCSA’s initiatives, urging participants to disseminate the information widely within their communities.

Madam Florence Sandy, the Center Manager at the One Stop Center in Pujehun district, expressed gratitude to NaCSA for organizing the workshop and providing a platform for reporting grievances. She pledged to share the knowledge gained with others to maximize its impact.

The workshop’s success was evidenced by the impressive turnout and active engagement of participants. With a renewed commitment to combating SGBV and fostering community resilience, NaCSA’s initiative marks a significant step towards creating a safer and more inclusive society in Pujehun district and beyond.