Nasser Ayoub, an entertainer, and businessman based in Sierra Leone, has recommended ways the next government in Sierra Leone can fix the country’s economy.

Ayoub’s advice was found in a message posted on his Facebook page and described as practical solutions to urgent national challenges.

Sierra Leone is currency experiencing various economic challenges including a high inflation rate, and depreciation of the Leone amidst the rising cost of living.

According to the Bank of Sierra Leone, the inflation rate rose from 37.1 percent in December 2022 to 42.7 percent in February this year – a 5.6 percent growth in less than three months. The bank added that the country’s domestic economy suffered from “multiple supply shocks, exchange rate depreciation and associated rise in prices”.

A recent data from the World Bank also puts Sierra Leone among one of the top ten countries with highest food prices.

Regardless of who wins the country’s presidential elections coming up in June, Ayoub says if his recommendations are followed, the country will experience an atmosphere of calmness, sweetness and there will be ‘no stress’.

Below is the list of recommendations made by Nasser Ayoub:

1. Lower Taxes

2. Encourage Free port

3. Open up land Reform to encourage Agriculture,

4. Lower GST to 7%,

5. Lower Customs Rate, 20 ft 2500$ Duty, 40 ft 4000$.

6. Remove GST on EDSA Topup,

7. Zero GST on Made in Sierra Leone products, Encourage Investments,

8. Scrap Airport Security Fees For Residents,

9. Lower Tax on Exports,

10. Employ on Qualifications Not on Party Colours,