Prominent Sierra Leonean female rapper Natasha Beckley who also three months ago declared as All People’s Congress (APC) National Youth Leader has on his Facebook page disclosed how she wowed the Dakar during her performance at ‘au stade iba mar diop’ (at the stadium Iba Mar Diop) in Senegal.

Being a famous artist well known around the world takes a lot than just having Collaborations within your country. This goes beyond that to linking up with other Superstars around the world. Moving global in the entertainment industry means collaborating with musicians and well known labels in the world.

Natasha Beckley among others has proven that music is no just limiting your fame within your locality but as well cross boarders to neighbouring countries or better still far way to other countries known to produce good songs. On her Facebook page before the show, the rapper disclosed her tour plans around Africa and other parts of the world. On the video, she mentioned to share stage with Tanzania’s finest musician, Diamond Platnum. This she thought was a bigger opportunity for her.

Visiting Dakar, Senegal to support a brother in the entertainment industry, Djanii Alfa, the rapper was opportuned to share a stage with other Senegal celebrities and Musicians. When she was up on stage, she performed her new single titled ‘Lie Dem Dey Lie’. This song reacted fans and other supporters from The Gambia who went for the show in Senegal. The reactions and emotions of everyone in the stadium made everything beautiful like it happened in Sierra Leone where many speaks krio.

Alpha Midiaou Bah alias Djanii Alfa was born in Koundara in Middle Guinea. Djanii Alfa grew up between Koundara, Pita and Conakry the capital. He was very influenced by groups such as: IAM, NTM, Fonky Family, Wu-Tang…

In 1998, with friends Djanii Alfa recorded his first single at the BBC studio belonging to the Bangoura brothers. Djanii Alfa arrived in Senegal in the year 2000, the new high school student continued his studies. Two years later, with Stéphane Mario alias Mr Butcho, he founded the group Katen Decha which means in French: Who lets go of nothing.

Congratulations Natasha Beckley on such collaboration and thanks for representing Sierra Leone well as always.