The National Commission for Social Action (NACSA) through its coordinating partners will implement initiatives to address the dare unemployment issues in Urban and Rural communities across the country.

NACSA convened a meeting with project implementing partners at its office located at 14-16 Charlotte Street, Freetown, aiming to ensure the successful and efficient implementation of the PSSNYE project.

In the effort to introduce new initiatives aimed at addressing youth employment in both urban and rural regions, the PSNYE project builds upon the accomplishments of the Social Safety Nets (SSN) Project. This earlier endeavor laid the groundwork for essential components of a basic national safety net system in Sierra Leone. With a clear objective.

“improving access to social safety nets and income-generating opportunities for targeted beneficiaries,” the initiative is supported by the Government of Sierra Leone, the World Bank, and UNICEF.

Representatives from the Ministry of Youth, the National Youth Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Freetown City Council, and Statistics-Sierra Leone, along with NaCSA’s Senior Director for the National Social Protection Secretariat, Idris Turay, reiterated the ever-evolving nature of the PSSNYE project

He said “The project has brought together many government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) with assignment components. Each of these components has been deliberately aligned with the national development agenda which is geared towards reducing poverty”.

In a similar tone, Dr. Abu Kargbo from the World Bank reassured NaCSA of their unrivaled and continued technical support.

Sir Jimmy Batilo Songa, the Deputy Commissioner of NaCSA expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to the SSN team whose undisputable commitment contributed greatly to a successor project. He said, “We have ended the SSN project on a good footing and the PSSNYE project is one of the indicators that we did a good job. A lot of lessons have been learned and we are hopeful for a successful implementation of the PSSNYE.”

The Commissioner of NaCSAAmbassador Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina, in presenting his points, expressed optimism for a multi-sectoral collaboration. He further appreciated the team and the former Commissioner for the collective work in implementing the SSN project.

“I must start by thanking you for your collective efforts during the implementation of the previous one and for your readiness to commence the new project. I am here to clean off all bottlenecks or potential that might delay implementation. Work must be done irrespective of the timing or distance; I am readily available.” He assured.