The National Chairman of NaUSLC (hereinafter referred to as The National Union of Sierra Leone Councillors) has called on the Government of Sierra Leone to settle remit grant payments for 2021 and 2022.

The call is made in a piece written by Councillor Osman Gibrill Conteh, the National Chairman of NaUSLC.

The full piece is stated below:

“I write on behalf of myself as Councillor and National Chairman of NaUSLC hereinafter referred to as The National Union of Sierra Leone Councillors to encourage the Government of Sierra Leone GoSL to remit Grant payments for the 2021 third(Q3) & Fouth(Q4) quarters and the First(Q1) and Second(Q2) quarters 2022 to the 22 Local Councils in Sierra Leone.

This delay of Grant transfers has the propensity to undermine development programs in these local councils and affect greatly the administrative functions of Councils. There are devolved *Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s)* who are tagged with the administrative functions to bring participatory governance and developments at local levels hence it is, these devolved MDA’S rely on the Government to provide finance for the implementation of their annual activities.

It is sad to say onto this moment the Government has not Completed the Grants allocations for 2021 thirdQ3 and FourthQ4 quarters and the 2022 FirstQ1 and SecondQ2 of which councils and MDA’S have unanimously approved. This delay can seriously affect decentralisation and it will result to ineffectiveness in Councils and MDA’S operations.

I believed that, some deliverables programs of these MDA’S especially the Ministry of Agriculture has a calender quotation to implement their activities and if such funds are not remitted onto this moment then the Government is creating unnecessary loopholes for financial indiscipline and mismanagement.

Meanwhile, the Government should also realized that Councillors hold monthly meetings with Ward Development Committee (WDC) Memebers to discuss community matters and report to them efforts made by Council during it monthly activities. However, these members of the WDC are entitled to Transport Refund and/or Refreshment and this funds are inclusive of the quarterly transfers of Government Grants approved by Councils. This delay also affect greatly Councillors not to summon their WDC members to discuss community matters.

I want to personally encourage Local Councils to continuously improve their strength in the revenue mobilization and ensure it’s a priority in every financial year. This is a constitutional mandates therefore, it means any Local Councils who deviate this has violated the legal provision enshrined in the Local Government Act 2004.

Councillor Osman Gibrill Conteh
National Chairman of NaUSLC”