Ahead of the official launching and production of the multi-purpose ID cards, and best customer service, the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) together with Constrat System has on the 27th of January 2023 trained staff of the ID cards production team.

The training which targeted frontline staff who will be attending directly to customers was held at the Sierra Palms Resort, Aberdeen Beach in Freetown.

The training is said to be part of the Authority’s effort to improve staff readiness and a positive energy mindset of dealing with customers during and after service delivery.

Mohamed Mubashir Massaquoi, Director General NCRA in his opening remarks stated that the training is timely as staff are expected to interact well with different people.

“After this training, staff are expected to display a positive and respectful display a positive and respectful approach towards customers coming for ID cards and other services”, he said.

Staff was also admonished to be good ambassadors of the Authority as their approaches towards customers will leave a lasting impression on the minds of customers about the level of professionalism of the NCRA.

“People have waited for far too long for National ID Cards, and as a responsible government, we are about to deliver on our promise to the people of Sierra Leone. Lots of resources have been put in the processes and various stages to make sure that these multi-purpose biometric ID cards become a reality,” he informed the meeting.

He went further and encouraged staff to observe due diligence on their part as he is also lobbying for staff welfare after the official launch on 30th January 2023.

“I am strongly putting a case across to the government on your behalf for housing and medical allowances. With your support, I am hopeful they will be approved, so let us give our best”, he added.

The official practical training sessions were conducted by Agnes King and Mohamed S. Kamara of the Human Resource Directorate.

Mr Massaquoi said the authority will not compromise any lackadaisical attitude from any staff as necessary disciplinary measures will be instituted against any staff found wanting.

Deputy Director of Identity management Mohamed Konuwa while delivering his statement said staff customers’ issues may unavoidably arise, but he admonished staff to always channel customers’ concerns to their supervisor for onward communication with top management.

He furthered that a platform is being created to enable customers to apply for changes without not necessarily coming to Freetown.