The National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) has registered the oldest Sierra Leone after staff of the institution left for the home of 104-year-old lady.

A team of registrars, acting on the directions of the NCRA Director-General, Mohamed Mubashir Massaquoi arrived at the Wilkinson Road residence of Admira Valentine.

According to the NCRA the old lady was born 23rd September 1918 at Konta Walla Section, Lokomasama Chiefdom, Port Loko District in the northwest of the country.

NCRA record said that the old lady is a daughter of Idrissa and Yabom Kamara of the same chiefdom.

“Prior to her registration, Madam Admira had expressed a keen interest to be registered with the NCRA,” the Registration Authority said.

They added that Valentine was given her National Identification Number (NIN) after the completion of the process.

Speaking to registrars, she said that she learnt about the registration process through radio programmes and announcements while urging other locals to do their registration.

“The registration of Madam Valentine is part of NCRA’s continuous registration effort to register those that have not registered with the NCRA,” the Authority said.

They aligned certain benefits attached to the registration including foundational identity information, clamp down on fraudulent activities, identity verification, land and property registration and ownership and NASSIT enrolment.