The National Electoral Commission has cancels the Local Bye Election that was conducted in Ward 091 on Saturday 13th November, 2021.

According to  a Press release  signed by the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mohammed Kenewui Konneh, On the 14th November 2021, election results for fifteen (15) polling Stations were tallied at the District Office at 8 Gandi Fania Street in Koidu City. The margin of the provisional results that was tallied  in favour  of the  two leading candidates was Two Hundred and Seventy-Two (272) which is less than five Hundred and Nine-four (594), the number of voters on the register of voters for the affected center.

In respect of the incidence of violence that took place in Yayah Polling Center and backed by complaint from the Independent Candidate, complaint justified the commissioner’s action to countermand the result of Ward 091 until proper enquiries are made on the issues raised. Thereafter, the public will be informed accordingly within the shortest possible time