The All People’s Congress (APC) has in a letter suspended Hon. Mohamed Bangura and Hon. Alfred Thompson for not adhering to the party’s decision to boycott governance following the outcome of the June 24 general elections that the APC claimed was rigged.

Hon. Mohamed Bangura and Honorable Alfred Thompson were among the elected MPs who refused to follow the resolution of their party and chose to represent their constituencies in Parliaments.

Their move sparked a lot of debate from the public as many people opined betrayal of their party. However, the two Parliamentarians said that they were there to represent the people who voted for them. As the June 24 elections were conducted in a PR System, no Members of Parliament were voted for directly as the party symbols were printed in the voting ballot papers giving the party the right to choose their members to represent them in Parliament.

The letter stated, “As you are aware, the jurisdictional mandate of the National Disciplinary and Grievance Handling Committee to inquire into the actions of party members whose dealings are in contravention of the dictates of the party’s constitution has been evoked in respect of Mohamed Bangura and Alfred Thompson In the wake of its inquiry mandate as per article 59 of the APC Constitution, the Committee in line with the extant legislation, breaches posited in the complaint sheet and based on evidence presented has now fully satisfied itself that the inquiry against the complained members is one which is predicated on continuous breaches.”

The letter continued by suspending the two Parliamentarians who went against the party decision.

“To forestall the reoccurrence and continuance of those breaches pending the subsistence of the inquiry, the National Disciplinary Committee by popular resolve has unanimously voted to trigger the suspension of Mohamed Bangura and Alfred Thompson during meeting convened on the 22 day of September 2023,” they cited.

The letter finally stated the provision in the APC Constitution that gave them the mandate to suspend the two Parliamentarians.

“In attaining this decision, the committee is emboldened by the provisions of article 13 (b) of the APC Constitution of 2022 and Article 20 (b) (1, ii, ili, iv, v) of the Disciplinary and Grievance Handling Manual of 2023 The provisions of Article 20 (b) of the Disciplinary and Grievance Handling Manual direct that the time span of the suspension must be for a specified period,” they stated.

At the end, it was written that the suspension will cease to exist at a certain date.

In very strict adherence to this provision, I wish to convey that the suspension shall cease to be in force on the 15th day of November 2023 by which time the inquiry would have attained its conclusion,” they ended.