Former All People’s Congress (APC) 2018 presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara on leaving the ACC office yesterday Tuesday 5th October said that he will never go to that office again and if they want let them take him to court.

Addressing the crowd supporters, the former presidential aspirant said he is angry that the ACC is bent on destroying his image by continuously inviting him to their office for something that he cannot understand.

He said he is a law abiding citizen and whenever he is called he makes sure he answers their call, but the reason why he is being called he too cannot understand because since the first time that he went to the office he has explained everything and thought that the real matter of the case that they should look into started 2019 when the $4 million was released.

“I have worked so hard to build my reputation and credibility and will not allow any group of people or institution to destroy me. In the last 10 days I have been to the ACC office for what I cannot understand. Why should I be the target for something that I don’t know much about. I have explained weeks ago and I thought my own part was done, but the ACC still keep coming after me just to send the wrong signal to the people. I will not accept that and would fight to death for my respect and integrity.”

Dr. Samura Kamara said he has been silent for too long as he will start talking for the world to know what is going on and those that are bent on destroying him, will never succeed because he has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong for him to be in such a position with the ACC.

Hundreds of Sierra Leoneans who went to Gloucester Street where the ACC office is were angry and chanting different songs in support of Dr. Samura Kamara as they said they will not accept what ACC is doing to their leader as the real culprit of the New York Chancery are in the government because they were the ones that ate the $4 million that Africanist Press exposed.

They said instead of the ACC going after the government officials for the $4 million they are busy twisting the case to get the populace attention from their own people and focus on Dr. Samura Kamara.