The Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice has updated the general public on the current standing of the High Court Order on Confiscation Oder of the Government White Paper and the Court of Appeal with regards the Commission of Inquiry.

The general public is updated that:

A. High court on Confiscation/Forfeiture Order of the Government WHITE PAPER 2018 .

I. Thirty-one(31) properties ordered to be Confiscated/Forfeited to the State has been endorsed by the High court.

II. Six(6) properties whose owners did not appeal against their Confiscation/Forfeiture or who lost their appeals are now to be taken over and vested/transferred to the Government- By Deeds of Conveyances respectively.

III. Owners of the remaining Twenty-Five(25) properties are on Appeals.


I, 110(one Hundred and Ten) Appeals were lodged and Served on the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice of the state.

II, Eleven(11) Cases have been heard and their respective Judgment delivered Five(5) of these Appeals were dismissed and Six(6) upheld.

III. Five(5) reserved Judgment.

IV, Nine(9) Matter on full trials/hearing.

V. Five (5) Appeals to the Supreme court (2 by the Attorney General in respect of Madam Diana Finda Konomayi & SMRT. CO LTD) and their Three Appeals by (Umaru A. Comteh, Mani Koroma and SOGEFEL SARL).

VI. Judicial direction given Seven(7) Matters and their respective Synopsis to be filed by both Appellant and Respondent.

VII. Twenty-three(23) Matters Awaiting Judicial Direction.

Received Fifteen (15) New Records from the court of Appeal ( bringing the total number of cases to Fifty-Five(55) and they have been allocated to the Three (3) different Panel of Judges.

This Document Approved by the Principal Adviser to the Attorney-General Minister of Justice, Dr. Farma.