Bank Governor, Professor Kallon, in a meeting held with bankers at Bank Complex, Kingtom, on Wednesday 11 August 2021, said the Government of Sierra Leone will bring out new notes in three months time that will reduce the zeros on them.

He said when the Bank of Sierra Leone would announce the new notes through the Sierra Leone Government; the notes would be of an international standard and fitting into the World Market.

He said it would not damage the economy but will make the economy stronger.

He disclosed that the process is ongoing now to bring out the notes. Professor Kallon said they experienced economic instability as zeros in the money has made our economy not to boom and the new notes which will now denominate the zeroes which will help to boom the economy and the market will become and lively.

The 20,000 notes that was supposed to be out is not going to be out but 20 Leones will be out which will be the equivalent to 20,000 according to Bank Governor.

Prof Kallon said the new notes will surface in three months’ time. Those that have the old notes will be told what to do after the announcement of the new notes.