Pursuant to Section 30 of the Bank of Sierra Leone Act 2019, the Bank Governor of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone, Professor Kelfala Kallon recently announced that ”The country’s legal tender, the Leone (prefixed ”LE”) shall be redenominated by the removal of the last three zeros (0’s) from the face value of said legal tender.”

In accordance with Section 30 subsection 2 of the Bank of Sierra Leone Act 2019, the redenomination of the Leones shall be effective in three months after the proclamation of the Bank Governor – which means the new Leone (LE) will be a legal tender in November.

He also mentioned that the re-domination will provide a psychological boost to the people of the country which he said will help strengthen the economy of a given country, for according to him that is what happens when countries re-de-nominate their currencies.

The announcement by the Bank Governor has left social media users astounded. Many Sierra Leoneans are curious about what’s next for Leone and what their salary and account balance will look like. Well, this article, has some answers for you.

Below is the new salary scale when we start to the new Leones currency.

1. Le300,000 = Le300
2. Le350,000 = Le350
3. Le500,000 = Le500
4. Le850,000= Le850
5. Le1,000,000 = Le1,000
6. Le1,500,000= Le1,500
7. Le2,000,000 = Le2,000
8. Le2,500,000 = Le2,500
9. Le3,000,000 = Le3,000
10. Le3,500,000 = Le3,500
11. Le4,000,000 = Le4,000
12. Le4,500,000 = Le4,500
13. Le5,000,000 = Le5,000
14. Le5,500,000 = Le5,500
15. Le6,000,000 = Le6,000
16. Le6,500,000 = Le6,500
17. Le7,500,000 =Le7,500
18. Le8,000,000 = Le8,000
19. Le8,500,000 = Le8,500
20. Le10,000,000 = Le10,000
21. Le15,000,000 = Le15,000
22. Le20,000,000 = Le20,000
23. Le25,000,000 =Le25,000
24. Le30,000,000 = Le30,000
25. Le35,000,000 = Le35,000
26. Le40,000,000 = Le40,000
27. Le45,000,000 = Le45,000
28. Le50,000,000 = Le50,000
29. Le100,000,000 = Le100,000