Popular APC politician and social commentator, Sylvia Blyden has stated that the next president of Sierra Leone should be a Muslim.

She said so in a widely circulated interview on AYV. Sylvia stated that religion will be a determinant factor of who will be the next president of Sierra Leone.

She said that Muslims are over 70% of the Sierra Leonean population, and that majority of Sierra Leoneans will want to have a Muslim president in 2023 given the fact that there has not been a Muslim president in Sierra Leone since late President Kabba left the presidency.

“Religion is going to be an issue in the 2023 elections and people should accept the reality”, Dr. Sylvia Blyden stated.

Reacting to this statement, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs stated that “The comment is dangerous, setting the pace for religious tension. If any trouble arises from this in the future, the State shall hold Sylvia responsible. “