In a significant update during the Ministry of Information’s latest press briefing, the Chief Minister provided a promising status report on the ongoing Feed Salone Project.

Emphasizing its crucial role, the Chief Minister outlined the project’s primary objective: a substantial reduction in the country’s reliance on imported rice.

Highlighting the project’s momentum, the Chief Minister articulated a specific target: by the upcoming year, 20% of the rice supply for prison and police institutions will originate from local production.

Furthermore, this initiative is slated to progressively increase until achieving full self-sufficiency, aiming to cover 100% of the rice consumption within these institutions.

This strategic move under the Feed Salone Project signifies the government’s concerted efforts to bolster domestic rice production, thereby curbing the dependence on imported rice.

The Chief Minister’s commitment underscores a dedicated approach toward attaining food security and promoting local agricultural development within Sierra Leone.