The National Grand Coalition (NGC) issued a strong statement urging the government to declare a national emergency and implement a five-point action plan to address the escalating Kush epidemic gripping Sierra Leone.

With the crisis reaching critical levels, the NGC implores President Julius Maada Bio and his administration to take decisive measures. Their proposed action plan outlines a comprehensive approach:

Declaration of National Emergency: A formal declaration would unlock resources and raise national awareness, signifying the severity of the situation.

Disrupting the Drug Supply Chain: Targeting and dismantling suppliers at their source is crucial to curb the flow of Kush into communities.

Apprehension and Prosecution of Culprits: The NGC advocates for a comprehensive, impartial law enforcement operation to apprehend and prosecute those fueling the Kush trade.

Establishment of Rehabilitation Facilities: Dedicated facilities are needed across the country to offer specialized care and support to those struggling with addiction, aiding their reintegration into society.

Treating Kush as a Public Health Crisis: The NGC emphasizes that the government must treat the epidemic like other national health crises, requiring a detailed strategy.

The NGC points out the shortcomings of the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency, highlighted by its Director himself. Insufficient staffing, resources, and utilities have crippled the agency. This, according to the NGC, exposes the government’s inadequate response to the drug abuse problem.

The statement condemns the government’s inaction and reliance on “tokenistic” online statements. The NGC insists that the situation requires tangible action, not empty words.

The NGC recognizes the devastating impact of Kush on Sierra Leone’s youth, particularly during a time of social and economic hardship. They urge the government to address the root causes by fostering job creation, strengthening education and healthcare systems, and offering a vision for a brighter future.

The NGC demands action from President Bio and his administration. Social media commentary, they argue, is no longer enough. The seriousness of the crisis necessitates urgency and demonstrable commitment.

The NGC concludes by pledging their support for a united national effort to eradicate Kush and rebuild a strong foundation for a prosperous Sierra Leone.