Mohamed A. Kamara, a graduate of Fourah Bay College is the first Sierra Leonean to build a windmill by using scrap metals.

Mohamed A. Kamara popularly called MAK is a product of EducAid Secondary School who pursued his tertiary education to Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone where he graduated with BSc. Honours in Physics.

The young innovator is transforming scraps to energy that help transform the lives of Sierra Leoneans.

MAK believes that Scraps can be transformed into treasure which he is using to transform the lives of Sierra Leoneans especially in the rural. He also developed a Hydro generator using table spoons that are benefit Rural and far reach communities. As an innovator, MAK transformed scraps into Energy solutions.

Notwithstanding, he is the first innovator to build the first windmill in Sierra Leone using scraps. The young innovator is using his innovations to transform the lives of citizens in deprived communities.

He has also worked and launched Lili antennae and other innovation. This gives him the greatest satisfaction that people are benefiting from his work.