Hon. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, Leader of the NGC party in Parliament, Hon. Foday Mario Kamara, Hon. Titus Kamara and Hon. Bai Sama Kamara have called on the ECSL to extend the deadline date for the ongoing Voters Registration after extensively observing the process in their various constituencies.

The four NGC Members of Parliament from Kambia who have visited and observed the voters registration process in their various constituencies spoke about their findings and said, “there is every need for the process to be extended beyond October 4th.”

Hon. Yumkella, representing Constituency 062 on Wednesday 14th September 2022 toured registration centers within his Constituency to observe and get first hand details on the status of the registration process.

Dr. Yumkella was welcomed by his constituents in Samu Chiefdom, Kambia District with loads of chant and slogan of “KKY” by youths, children and old people. Dr. KKY immediately engage staff of ECSL working at the registration centers with a glaring smile and an appreciation look.

Dr. Yumkella visited the Bubuya, Mafufneh, Misleya, Kanpudi and KDEC Primary School Registration Centers all within his Constituency. Dr. Yumkella asked pertinent questions to staff of ECSL and NCRA relating to their operations and their challenges and what to do in addressing some of the concerns. Staff of ECSL and NCRA at the various centers highlighted series of concerns relating to their operation, more specifically is the issue of long distances from villages to the registration centers and electricity. According to the ECSL, the available solar panels are not capicatated enough to power the computers and other machines for long period of operation.

The Honorable Member also enquire to know their successes so far and commend them for their tremendous job in his Constituency, and encouraged them to be steadfast and ensure they do the job delligently.

Speaking to Salon Fos Newspaper, Hon. Yumkella said, “From what I have seen in my Constituency and the other Constituencies of my colleagues MPs which is not different from what is happening in other parts of the country, I believe the Registration Process must be extended beyond October 4th,” KKY said. He furthered that, due to the numerous challenges and complains from citizens all over the country with regards the slow pace of the process, it wise that, ECSL give more time for the process to continue so that, every eligible Sierra Leonean can have the opportunity to register and vote in the 2023 elections.

Hon. Yumkella also engages his members in the Constituency. He thanked them profusely for holding the fort and encourage them to come out and register in order to have the opportunity to vote in the 2023 elections. He called on them to also be an ambassador in order to encourage those that are yet to register, to ensure they do so before time runs out.

Arriving at his village, after assessing the registration process in Kychom, Dr. Yumkella used the opportunity to also get himself registered.

Dr. Yumkella said, “I am here today to assess the registration process in my Constituency, know the challenges and see what I can do about them. So far, I am impressed by the work of the ECSL staff here and I am impressed by the willingness of my people to exercise their democratic rights. I am here to also encourage my people to come out and register, because this is key in our decision making.”

# Courtesy of Salone Fos Newspaper