In a collaborative effort to foster peace and harmony during the upcoming June 24th, 2023 elections, the Glittering Foundation, a non-governmental organization operating in the Western Rural District, partnered with the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL), with funding support from ECOWAS.

The organizations convened a press briefing to highlight their joint initiative aimed at spreading peace messages before, during, and after the crucial electoral process.

Addressing the audience at the press briefing, Isaiah Abdul Mansaray, CEO of the Glittering Foundation, emphasized the organization’s primary objective of collaborating with smaller community-based organizations within the Western Rural District.

He emphasized that their goal was to select ten organizations annually and work together to ensure sustainable development within these communities.

Mansaray highlighted the importance of local involvement in managing developmental projects, particularly when international organizations depart after project implementation.

He explained that smaller community organizations play a pivotal role in ensuring the effective management and continuity of such projects, leading to long-term development.

Under the partnership between the Glittering Foundation and ECSL, ECOWAS has provided two hundred million leones in funding. This financial support will be utilized to engage and empower smaller community organizations in spreading peace messages before, during, and after the upcoming elections.

Mansaray stressed that fostering peace was crucial as the election day drew nearer, and active engagement played a pivotal role in achieving this objective.

Henry Joe Lahai, the National Executive Director of the Glittering Foundation, shed light on the four primary areas of focus for the organization. These areas encompassed support, advocacy, voluntarism, and partnership.

Lahai emphasized that their organization provided assistance to smaller community organizations through capacity building and funding for community development projects.

Advocacy efforts included addressing healthcare and education concerns, particularly supporting disabled individuals, vulnerable children, and women. Additionally, the Glittering Foundation advocated for good governance, peace, non-violence, fundraising for grassroots organizations, climate change initiatives, mentorship programs, sexual reproductive health, and human rights.

Lahai further highlighted voluntarism as a significant means of community engagement, encouraging individuals to contribute ideas that would facilitate organizational improvement and community betterment.

He concluded by emphasizing the importance of partnerships in the development process and called upon the media to support their efforts in propagating the organization’s work and spreading peace messages as the country approached the upcoming elections, which were less than 30 days away.

“We will actively engage with the people through various media platforms to propagate peace and contribute to a healthier nation,” Lahai stated.

As the Glittering Foundation and ECSL join forces to promote peace and engage local communities, their collaborative efforts aim to create an environment conducive to peaceful and successful elections in Sierra Leone.