The National Grand Coalition party (NGC) had its first press briefing at the party’s head office, 14 Naimbana street Freetown.

The briefing was meant to highlight the great work the party has been doing over the years in defending the interests of the millions of voiceless Sierra Leoneans who continue to suffer in poverty.

The chairman and leader – Dr Denis Bright of the NGC said they serve the people of Sierra Leone in accordance with their responsibility as a political party “to participate in shaping the political will of the people, to disseminate information on political ideas, social and economic programs of a national character.

Dr Bright said the NGC stands as the third largest political party in Sierra Leone by virtue of the number of votes casts with four seats in Parliament, one District council chairman and nineteen (19) elected councilors in Kambia, Koinadugu and Falaba Districts.

He informed the media that since the conclusion of the 2018 general elections, the NGC party has been pursuing its unique style of constructive opposition and have been supporting those policies of Government that they consider as being in the best interest of the country and opposing the negative policies and actions that may adversely affect the people of this country. Henceforth, they will continue to do so as this is in line with their guiding principle of putting “Mama Salone first” in whatever they say or do.

Dr Bright said the NGC party in the house of Parliament has been very much instrumental in addressing and/or pushing for: Women’s Empowerment, Diaspora Voting, Dual Citizenship, Cyber Crime Bill, Ethnic Audit, Audit Report and Pervasive Corruption, Human Rights Issues and Hardship For The Ordinary Citizen which they described as “HUMAN SLIDE” and as well continue the fight to have a nation that is united, free and just.